Dream Craft Room (Phase III)

You can read about the progress on the craft room here and here. Today I’m going to show you how I’m corralling the toys that share the room. Here are the large toys I am dealing with:

  • A Little Tykes play kitchen that is big. I scored it for $60 at a garage sale last summer and it came with all the food and utensils.
  • A Melissa & Doug easel that Mike picked out of a neighbor’s trash pile when John was a baby. It has some marker marks on the wood frame but is in great shape otherwise.
  • A bunch of Little People buildings, people, and accessories that we inherited from my nieces. They end up everywhere but John plays with them constantly and it’s fun to watch him use his imagination.

WD_0040[1]That’s the art corner. I set it up a while back and still love it.


Before I started the room makeover I was stashing toys in those blue recycling bins. We used to sort our recyclables and drive them to a center rather than pay extra for curbside pickup, but when our city finally started offering free pickup we repurposed them. But John has trouble reaching things in them with his little arms (and I think they’re ugly!). So of course I looked to IKEA for a solution.

IMG_5879These are STUVA storage benches. The actual benches are white and the drawers come in blue, green, pink, or white. The drawers are actually on wheels so they are easy for John to open and close on his own. And can I just tell you how much they hold? TONS.


That is Noah’s Ark, a pirate ship, a zoo and a bunch of other accessories. There is still room to throw in more.


This one has the farm, the train tracks, part of the carnival, and a Fisher-Price bowling set among other things.


The room is still a work in progress, but the toy storage is a huge improvement. What about you? How do you store toys? I’m always looking for creative ideas!

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