Dream Craft Room (Phase I)

After showing Mike some IKEA drawer units that Nancy (my Bonus Mom) picked up recently, I told him how much more I could do if my craft room was better organized. He told me to go for it, which was all the encouragement I needed. Here is how the room looked before I started. WD_0059[1]   You can tell I tried to keep things organized, but it was a losing battle. The table on the left is an old farm table I inherited from a great-aunt. It has a metal top which is great because marker/crayon/ink just wipes right off. I used this table as my primary work surface. I sorted my Stampin’ Up paper in the filing cabinet that I spray painted Valspar Sumptuous Purple in the satin finish. I had many sets of plastic drawers and fabric bins to try to corral everything. I had the Stampin’ Up Color Caddy which was full. The built-in cabinets were full of more stuff. The space was great but it just wasn’t functioning well for me. If I wanted to make a card I had to clear off the table to make room to work. If I wanted to sew something I had to put away all my stamping supplies so I had space to cut fabric. After spending some quality time with the IKEA catalog and website, I had an idea of what I wanted. It happened that Mike had to go to Schaumburg for a week so John and I planned our IKEA trip (we live about three hours from IKEA Schaumburg). My sidekick and I arrived at 9:30am and hung out in the café until 10. We checked out Småland where you can get an hour of free childcare while you shop plus 30 extra minutes if you have (free!) IKEA Family membership. But the kids have to be potty trained and John was wearing a pull-up. So no dice. But for a three-year old, he was amazing. They should just hire him as a toy/furniture tester. We did a lot of looking and picked up a few small things. We ate lunch. We looked some more. We talked to a guy at the table bar. We made a plan. John especially loved watching our cart on the escalator. Then we went to the self-serve area to collect our boxes. I wish I could see a video of myself trying to push a flat-bed cart loaded with heavy boxes while coaching my three-year old as he tried to push our cart. But we finally made it to checkout and a very nice guy offered to help me load the car. After five (yes, five!) hours at IKEA, here is how the car looked. WD_0061[1] John is in his car seat in the back seat on the left. Thank goodness I have a fold-flat front passenger seat! WD_0051[1]   Stay tuned to see the results.

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